Monday, July 31, 2006

Quick update

Hello there
I know it has been an incredibly long time since we have updated the blog, and we apologize. It has just been so CRAZY here!

Let me see if I can gloss over the past few weeks events:
-> Brent finally returned home!
-> The pets fell in love with him all over again!
-> A few lunches and dinners with family and friends.
-> My birthday.
-> Lots of homework for both of us. I’m in the middle of summer finals right now.
-> I have begun my pilot study for my treatment research – it is crazy and exhilarating and exciting and scary.
-> Lots of housework. We remodeled the kitchen with Dad’s help. Just found out we are going to have to replace our air conditioning unit. Have appointments this week for the plumber, tree guy, and the appliance repair guy – it seems that everything in our house is simultaneously falling apart. This is not good – we are so broke!
-> Brent has yet to find a place to live in Warner Robins, but we are closing in on a solution.

We have not really had the opportunity to go away for a little vacation since his return, but plan to do this soon during the short break between our classes. Due to budget constraints, Brent is thinking Fort Yargo :). I don’t even care - I can’t wait – we need the break.

More later


Anonymous said...

Little Girl,
You guys are welcome to stay at my vacation fenced in back yard....pets are very much welcome, there is a $5 a day parking but I am sure me and your husband can work some kind of payment arrangement out if you guys don't have the cash for parking. Please let me know I have another couple look at the spot next to the gazebo! Kobs

Jess and Brent said...

You are not right!!! $5 parking? I'll just park at your crazy next door/basement neighbor's place for FREE! ... Keep the gazebo spot free for me please...Love ya - little girl