Saturday, June 10, 2006

NY - Out and about

/\ Having midday margarita's at The Happy Hour in Greenwich Village

/\ Mr. GQ posing in Washington Square Park
\/ Pics from the Staten Island Ferry experience

\/ Our friends from Germany at the HA! Comedy Club in Times Square. We had so much fun - the comedians were hilarious. We laughed so hard our faces and stomachs were hurting. The next day when we were eating at the Heartland Brewery, we recognized a member of the audience and Kobi went over to say hello (she's crazy!). It ends up he was a casting agent, said Kobi's laugh was enchanting, and gave her his card. Crazy huh? I know my laugh is loud and memorable, but it didn't get the "enchanting" vote :(

So, really quickly, many of you have asked "Why New York?" Well, first of all, we (me, Kobs, and Charlton) have an unofficial pact to take trips to various locations all over the world at least every two years. In Fall 2004, I was afforded the opportunity to visit Charlton in Munich. This year, we converged in New York City, and we are already planning a 2008 trip to Canada.

Kobi, Charlton, and I stayed with friends in NY - UGA alumni, Go DAWGS!. Erik is a teacher and Tituss is a musician and currently performs in a Broadway musical called Jersey Boys. Between the two of them, we had easy access to sites and transport close to Penn Station and the Lincoln Center, respectively. Old friends from our Chateau Elan days - and old roommates of mine (Marc and Kristi) - joined us on Saturday. We had such a great time! I took something like 150 pictures, and obviously I can't post them all, so here is a sample.


Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful time people....I loved every min of that trip. Jess and Charlton you guys are the best and I can't wait until 2008. And just remember that my birthday that I am not having is 12 days away..hahahha

Jess and Brent said...

what birthday? ha ha ha... Oh, you don't think that is funny, do you ;)

Charlton said...

Ok...I will not be calling on your non-birthday. Question: will we love each other this much when we are 80? Or will we have exploded due to an overflow of affection? Shall we try? Dare we?

Jess and Brent said...

Of course we will love each other this much when we are 80! Now, by the time we reach 90, we may start slippin', you know, leaving someone behind in the subway or on the ferry, accidentally rubbing our corns against Kob, ... Love yeeeeeeeeeew!

jennifer said...

first of all- i can't believe this is the second time i have checked out your webpage! it is hillarious and a wonderful way to keep up with you busy people! i am so jealous of the New York trip! i can't stand it! you guys look like you are having a blast!!! The pictures were hillarious! of course anytime you go anywhere with K O B I it's a blast! I can't wait until brent gets home! we will have to hang at susan and larrys new pool some this summer! love you guys, jennifer

Jill, Chuck, and Andrew said...

Those are great pictures. I wish I could have been there sipping margaritas.