Monday, June 12, 2006

Awwww Yeah

Hey everyone, I am checking in like I always do (not often enough according to some). I know I haven't been a good blogger as of late, but I am trying to turn over a new leaf- more follow- through if you will. Man, I don't talk like that- jeez, Jess is rubbing off on me. I am becoming semi-edumacated I guess. I'm sorry, I don't know what is wrong with me. I just got done with 4 hours of homework and I am exhausted. Outprocessing my squadron is also a lot of hardwork, but boy is it fun. I have noticed a little extra giddy-up in my step as of late. I am very excited about coming home. As you can see from the countdown above, I will be home very soon. It has been a tough year for Jess and I and we are ready for it to be over. I won't be home home, but I will be very close to home and that is so much better than our current situation. I think we, for the most part, handled the situation very well. Vonage was a lifesaver (and $$ saver) for this difficult time. If you don't know what Vonage is, let me know and I will send you an email. It is awesome and saves a ton of money if you make a lot of long distance calls.

Well, now its time to say goodbye to all my blogger friends. Kobi, you thought I was going somewhere else with that, didn't you? As Jess would say, "you right!"

I hope everyone is doing well with whatever they have going on. Oh yeah, I had a weird and crazy idea of taking a lot of pictures of me in my room from various perspectives, so I could give you a view of my life in Korea. It is really stupid, but I got inspired by Jess and her many awesome pictures (pts. for me). My pictures were going to be my attempt to make everyone laugh. For example, I was going to show me doing homework, watching T.V., picking my nose or show a slight view of me in the bathroom, but I think Jess would kill me. I was laughing too hard during the event in the bathroom and I think my suitemate thought I was drunk or was having other issues so I nixed the whole idea. Anyway, I have a golf tournament coming up on the 23rd and I thought I would take some pictures of the people that I hang out with the most and of us having a good time playing small ball. I will post them shortly thereafter. Well, I have to get to bed. Talk to you later.

Love, Brent


Jess and Brent said...

B - your entry cracked me up! I could picture you in my head, the way you are when you are laughing at yourself and trying to hold it back...thanks for the laugh. And go ahead, post the nose-picking and bathroom pics if you want - I think it would be hilarious! - J

Jess and Brent said...

B - 200 points for you, plus your 2500 from the other day - you are doing pretty good. "[You know, you wanna do good, and you hope to do good...I think you did real good...]" - Love, Jess

Anonymous said...

Hope you were talking of another Kobi b/c if not you missed spelled my name and that is a no, NO!!!! YOU SPELL MY NAME K O B I....THERE IS NO "E" are so lucky that I like you and your wife or I would write you off!

Jess and Brent said...

What are you talking about? I spelled your name right. I think you are on that stuff again. Just kidding. I was tired and wasn't paying attention when I was typing- my bad fool. I will make it up to you in about 27 days. I have to hang out w/ Jess first. Don't tell her.

Love, Brent

Charlton said...

You guys are crazy! But we all know that already. LB I look forward to seeing your pics. Kobi, don't be so hard on him. Your non day is coming up soon.
Hug C

Jill, Chuck, and Andrew said...

I can't believe it is already time for you to be home! We are so excited. All I know is whoever misspelled Kobi's name is in serious trouble!