Tuesday, November 04, 2008

on point

From a new friend:

"Our action, or lack thereof, is the cause of our government. Politicians do no more than give an innovative response to the political system we have molded. By and large, we live for reality TV, fantasy sports, American Idol, and iPods yet, we are surprised when our leaders do not approach us by a higher standard. A government for the people and by the people cannot be adequately changed from the top down; we must work to change it from the bottom up.

Today we will exercise a right that the majority of the world does not know and may never experience. Today let us not retreat to the safety of inaction but take up our blood-stained rights, handed to us by a generation long forgotten. I urge you, my fellow Americans, to vote. Vote because you breathe this air, share this dream, and care for this country.

I am proud to call you my countrymen and look forward to sharing my right with you today as we embark into a new chapter of America. God bless America!"

~Clinton Rice

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