Monday, October 06, 2008

brain in the sky

Took a late night walk with Brent and the pup, trying to work out this pinched nerve in my lower back. Walking back down the hill, almost to the house, looking at the night sky and the bright stars. I see in the clouds a nice brain - a good posterior-superior view, with a clear longitudinal fissure, nice convolutions, a brain stem in the back, and unfortunately a lesion in the right hemisphere. I'm describing this to Brent as I'm so excited to see the brain, and I'm free to be the total nerd that I am around him. Lovingly, he did not laugh or roll his eyes. He just listened, and actually, after so many years of marriage, knew most of the words that I was saying.
Finally in the driveway, the clouds have drifted, the brain is no more.

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