Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Together again

CUPS and I have reunited... ("reunited and it feels so good..."). It has been a rocky relationship...I didn't call, I didn't write, and I only infrequently visited. But, I am spending some mornings and afternoons here now and again - it is good for my soul, to actually see sunlight even if it is through a window. I predict that it won't be so good for the waistline - their latte's and frio's are just too good.

A few things have changed about my old friend CUPS. New carpet, more outlets, streamlined self-service areas. It is also busier - I'm convinced I played a role in this, as I have had office hours here for the past 3 years and always invite my students to meet me here for questions. Shouldn't I be receiving some perks for the free advertising? Free coffee? Free caramel cake? A seat saved for me?

The latter comment reminds me of my visit to Germany to visit Charlton - we went to this wonderful restaurant for wienerschnitzel (the best I've ever had - I was only there 4 days, and we dined there x2), and the booths and tables have small (brass?) nameplates on them of old-timers, regulars. The deal is that you are welcome to sit there if the table is not occupied, but if they walk in, you have to let them have their table, no matter where you are in the course of your meal. Awesome.

So, CUPS, I'm waiting for my own table. Just give me a call.

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Uncle C said...

I'll make you a wienerschnitzel when I come to your house in a couple of weeks. YUMMY.

Yes!!! Reunited, and it feels so good....Peaches and Herb, baby